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Charitable Giving for Underserved New England Non-Profits

Letter of Inquiry


The intent of the LOI is to introduce us to your programming or services and to explain how a Medium Grant Award from the Foundation Trust will meaningfully impact your ability to perform--either to support current programming or carry out a special project of importance to this work.

Your LOI will be reviewed by committee and rated based on a combination of factors:

  • Degree of alignment with FT priority funding areas
  • Merit
  • Need
  • Expectation of demonstrable benefit to your organization.


Please prepare a maximum 3-page LOI. LOI can be single-spaced, with margins 1-inch or larger. LOI should be submitted on official organizational letterhead (print or electronic). LOI must include your organization’s name and contact information as well as complete contact information (name, title, postal and email addresses, telephone and fax numbers) for either the person submitting the LOI or a responsible party within your organization.

Basic Organization Information:

Include a one paragraph description of your organization’s history, mission and primary activities.

Grant Award Request:

  • Provide a brief statement of why you are applying for a Medium Grant Award from the Foundation Trust at this time.
  • Specify the year, amount and duration of the grant you are seeking from the Foundation Trust.
  • Specify the kind of funding you are seeking: i.e., unrestricted support of general  organizational operations and infrastructure; support for expansion of program and services; support to conduct a pilot project; seed funding for a new initiative; program evaluation funding, or other specified purpose of funding.
  • Describe how this work aligns with one or more of the Foundation Trust’s four priority funding tracks.
  • Justify how an award of this size and duration will be sufficient-- alone or in combination with other funding you have received or are in the process of soliciting—to make a demonstrable impact to your organization.
  • Comment on whether a Medium Grant equaling a lower annual or total award amount or shorter duration than requested would still be sufficient to make a meaningful positive contribution to your organization.

In addition to your LOI, please include the following information.

  • A copy of your organization’s (or fiscal sponsor’s) IRS tax-exempt letter and documentation of 501(c)(3) status.
  • Budget Information:
    • For general support (routine program operations/infrastructure or unrestricted contributions), provide an annual organizational budget for the most recently complete fiscal year. Budgets should delineate projected income and expenses.
    • For project support (program expansion; pilot and seed projects; program evaluation) provide both an annual organizational budget for the most recently completed fiscal year and a project specific budget for the duration of the proposed project period.

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